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Autism news: Look for my gift to you in the next email...
April 18, 2022
Dear Friends,

I'm not so great with deadlines. I thought I would have my upcoming book, Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read published by now, but life gets in the way (like that pesky U.S. tax return).

So I’m working on another book that’s almost finished called, Secrets to Autism Learning: Tips for Success in Teaching Your Child. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll be sending it to you completely free. I want you to have it because it will be the perfect companion to Reading Revolution or any subject you wish to teach your child.

In Secrets to Autism Learning, you will discover:

- How to make your child want to participate in lessons

- A major cause of behavior problems that interfere with learning

- How to overcome a child’s difficulty with following instructions

- How to teach abstract concepts that children with autism have a hard time understanding

- Pitfalls to avoid when teaching a child with autism

- And many more techniques that will give your child greater success with learning

While you’re waiting for Reading Revolution to be published, Secrets to Autism Learning will give you insight into how children with autism think and learn. You’ll come to understand the roadblocks you may encounter and what to do to avoid or get around them.

So look for Secrets to Autism Learning, my gift to you, in the next email I'll be sending you.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

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