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Autism news: Help your child with food allergies enjoy the holidays
November 20, 2023
Dear Friends,

I love Thanksgiving. It just may be my favorite holiday.

But Thanksgiving (and if you live outside the U.S., any holiday such as Christmas in which food is a big deal), can be hard for kids with allergies. And many children with autism have food allergies.

What if our kids can’t have mashed potatoes, yams, dressing, or even turkey?

Believe it or not, some kids can’t have these things. And that can make Thanksgiving and Christmas difficult holidays to celebrate.

Ever heard the saying that those with food allergies should focus on what they CAN have rather than what they can’t have?

That mindset can be helpful during the holidays.

My suggestion is to make a list of foods your kids can have. Out of that list, which dishes do they like best?

That’s what you can prepare for them. If Johnny loves rice and salsa, he could have rice and salsa.

It doesn’t matter if it’s typical holiday fare.

Isn’t it more important that they have a great time and feel included in the fun?

I wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed holiday season!

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

P.S. Coming soon—Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read will soon be available in paperback! I'm working to have this ready by Christmas, hopefully sooner.

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