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Autism news: Improve writing with these materials; Thanks, Ugo!
July 18, 2023

Writing Paper Matters

When we’re teaching our kids to write letters, it matters what type of paper we're using. The first, second and third-grade paper many teachers use can be helpful, and I used it a lot when my son was learning to write.

But sometimes it helps to go beyond the usual materials and look for something more specialized. We may need to try something different if our kids are having difficulties such as writing too large or running letters together.

To see my article on some options available for writing paper, follow the link at the end of this message.

Thanks, Ugo!

Parents of children with autism are by definition very busy. That's just one reason I’m especially grateful when someone takes the time to leave a review for my book, Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read.

Here’s what Ugo said:

“The most useful book I have found which completely breaks down how I can teach my child to read. There is hope!!!”

Yes, there IS hope, more than many people realize. It's my goal is to share as much of that hope as I can whenever I can.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

Learn more about types of writing paper here.

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