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Autism news: This tool could help your child understand basic math
January 23, 2023
Dear Friends,

Math is one of the hardest subjects for many children with autism to understand, and it’s easy to see why.

Numerals are symbols for something else. 5 is a symbol for five things. 3 is a symbol for three things.

Such symbols can often be tough for our literally minded kids to fathom.

There are lots of ways to help our kids understand these symbols, but one tool I used a lot when my son was learning basic math was the abacus: a tried-and-true instrument that has been in use since ancient times.

I’ve written an article on how to use an abacus to help your child learn counting and addition. The same principles can apply to subtraction, multiplication and division as well. To find out more just follow the link below.

Learn more about using an abacus here.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

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