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Autism news: Discover Autism Help is now A+ ASD!
June 02, 2021

Discover Autism Help is now A+ ASD!

I finally took the plunge. I knew for a long time that I needed to update our website, but you know how life is. It gets busy, and it’s easy to put things off.

Well, the day of reckoning came when I discovered our site wasn’t as compatible with mobile phones as it should be. So I knew it was time.

We now have a new name, A+ ASD, and a completely new, updated website that should be much more compatible with your phone.

So when you have a minute, you can check it out at the link at the end of this message. And of course, we are the same company with the same commitment to giving you the ideas and techniques you need to help your child learn and succeed.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato Click here to check out our new, updated website.

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