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Autism news: Try to Take a Christmas or Hanakkah break
December 11, 2018

Sometimes autism in our home can mean moving from one crisis into the next ...

It's times like this that I could start to feel guilty that our house doesn't look like Martha Stewart's.

We did get a small Christmas tree at Walmart, but it's still not decorated. And that's okay.

Because that's not what's really important at Christmas time.

We need to give ourselves permission not to have a "perfect" Martha Stewart Christmas and just take the time to enjoy the season and each other.

Sometimes it's all we can do to stay ahead of the next crisis ...

If you can possibly do so, try to do something special for Christmas together. It could be something as simple as watching a Christmas movie. A Santa Clause is one of our favorites. Elf is a ridiculous but funny one.

I think we're going to try to see Saving Christmas this year.

Or you can just go to the mall to do some Christmas shopping together if that's possible. That would be a good option if you think it would be helpful to get out of the house for a while.

I suggest doing something fun that would help you get your minds off of your troubles. Sometimes we just need a break, and chances are, your kids need it as much as you do.

Christmas and Hanakkah are the perfect reasons to take one.

If you find it hard to bring your kids out, you can still look at lights from inside the car. Check out the extensive Christmas light display at the link below (you'll need to scroll down to see it as it's actually a page about sensory processing disorder.)

I try to bring my kids to see it each year. It's probably the most impressive light display in the Orlando area.

If you live within driving distance of Orlando, it's definitely worth checking out. It's near Casselberry just off of Howell Branch Rd. and Tangerine. Just follow the line of cars and you can't miss it.

Take care of yourselves this season...

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

Discover Autism Help, LLC Click here to see the Orlando light display.

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