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Autism news: Help from a behavioral expert...Behavior Problems Part 12
May 29, 2020

Sometimes we as parents can become desperate for answers to behavior issues, and for good reason. Children with autism who struggle with behavior problems can become a danger to themselves and to others.

One 7-year-old boy I’ll call “Ryan” was no exception.

In fact, his Mom and Dad were beside themselves. Ryan was unaware of danger as he continually found elevated places in the home. He would climb to the top of a desk or counter, and then jump to the ground. Oftentimes, he would land on his knees on purpose.

His parents became so desperate for a solution that they visited the local sporting goods store and bought him a set of kneepads to keep him from injuring himself.

Even so, Mom knew that if she didn’t begin some type of disciplinary approach, Ryan may likely end up in a wheelchair. She knew that she must do something to protect Ryan from himself.

I’m happy to report that soon after Mom began using loving disciplinary techniques, Ryan stopped his destructive behavior completely.

We as parents of children with autism often need help learning ways to discipline our kids to protect themselves and others.

Of course, as I’ve stated in earlier messages, we must first find out if the child’s behavior is caused by a medical problem.

But once we have ruled out medical causes, it’s important to know what more we can do to help our kids.

So I’ve done some research and found Dr. Mary Barbera, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She offers a free 3-step guide and a free workshop for help in turning autism around.

You can check out Dr. Barbera's video at the link at the end of this message. (Note that I am not affiliated with Dr. Barbera in any way, financially or otherwise.)

Dr. Barbera also has a helpful podcast where she shares lots of tips on how to reduce problem behavior.

I hope this information will help you on your journey toward a better life for your child.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato Check out Dr. Barbera's video here.

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