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Autism news: Our family's behavior challenges and toxins
November 02, 2018

First, I must apologize for the delay of this latest email.

I meant to let you know last week about the latest article on my site, but our family has been through some hectic events lately that forced me to put everything on hold.

We had a duct cleaning company that sprayed a mold-resistant paint in our central a/c unit. They said it was low VOC, the lowest in the industry. But my children still had a bad reaction to it, and even I felt ill from the fumes.

So we had to vacate the house as much as possible, spending a lot of time in the car and feeling somewhat homeless….

We ended up having to stay in a hotel for a few days, one of the few that my kids can tolerate. This break from the fumes in our house did them a world of good.

To their credit, the duct cleaning company has bent over backwards to help matters by giving us new carbon filters for our HVAC unit and allowing us to borrow their gigantic, industrial-sized air scrubber.

Our house feels much better than it did a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not completely better. So we’re ordering an air scrubber with 22-24 pounds of carbon. I've done some research on these units, and that amount of carbon is massive compared to most brands. I expect that will help to make our house livable for my children.

I plan to let you know how that goes.

Interestingly, all that has happened to us is extremely relevant to the articles I had already been working on for Discover Autism Help.

I had already posted my first article about behavior before all this happened, and the link to that is at the end of this email.

But I also have a number of additional articles about behavior in the works, including physical reasons for behavior problems.

Some of the reasons for challenging behavior in our kids could include allergies or sensitivities to chemicals, like the paint the duct cleaning company sprayed in our air conditioner. We have certainly experienced some behavior problems as a result.

As I can, I will be posting these new articles on our site in the coming days (or weeks, depending on how things go).

I hope all our experiences will help you and your family somehow. Because behavior issues can be so hard to cope with, not only for parents, but for our kids as well.

To see my first article about challenging behavior, just click the link below this email.

Talk soon,

Kay Donato

Discover Autism Help, LLC Click here to see our first article about behavior.

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