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Autism news: How to control autistic obsessions
August 05, 2020

Can you identify with the following situation?

Johnny was busy telling his latest story to Mom. That is, the latest one in a long line of other stories he had told that same day.

Mom was so proud of Johnny because he was such a prolific storyteller for such a young boy. But even so, hearing stories all day long every day was beginning to wear her down.

She knew she had to do something.

Many children with autism become fixated on certain activities or things, just as Johnny was obsessed with telling stories. Being consumed with passion for one thing can sometimes become a problem. In Johnny’s case, Mom was becoming overwhelmed with too many stories.

But with that said, we all know how some kids with autism are genius savants because they are allowed to practice doing what they love to do.

So how can Moms and Dads encourage their children’s talents without allowing their passions to rule over the household?

In an updated article, I answer that question by recalling a real conversation between Mom and Johnny. I show how Mom helped him control his fixation on storytelling without hurting his feelings or discouraging his wonderful talent.

To read their conversation, see the link at the end of this message.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato Check out the story here of how Mom helped Johnny control his obsessive storytelling.

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