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Autism news: Use This Homemade Game to Teach Almost Any Skill
August 31, 2018

As promised, I have completed my instructions for you on how to make your own homemade game. As I mentioned in my message a couple of weeks ago, games are great tools that can make learning very motivating for our kids.

I’m including a link at the end of this message to a new page on my site about games and about how to make your own game.

If you saw my message from a couple of weeks ago, some of what you’ll find on that page will be a review of that message. I wanted to include all that I said earlier for people who are visiting the site for the first time.

I felt that this information was important to include on my site.

So I hope you will bear with the review to get to the new material on the page. Be assured that as promised, I have included instructions on how to make your own game at home.

I hope this technique helps your child. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes we have to try many methods before we can find techniques that will work for our children.

Til next time,

Kay Donato

Click here to read my new article, "Games: Fun and Motivating Tools For Teaching Almost Any Skill"

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