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Autism news: When We Need a Break Part 2
July 16, 2019

Last week I discussed the need we all have to take a vacation for a few days every now and then. But I should add that a weekly day of rest will also be good for you and your family in many ways.

If you ever went to Sunday School as a kid or if you go to church now, you probably know that God commanded one day in seven for His people to rest from their work.

It turns out that science backs up that mandate.

A writer for is admitting this with his own list of twelve scientifically validated benefits to taking a weekly break. (You can see the article at the link at the end of this message for the details.)

Since I grew up in the church, I’ve always known I should rest once a week. But sometimes I have trouble taking what I know to be good advice.

Until recently, I was working every free moment I could muster, and as you may recall from last week’s email, that didn’t get me very far.

So back to taking good advice. Sunday is now our family’s day of rest, but your day off could be any day of the week (for most people that might be on a weekend). Your loved ones will likely appreciate it if you set aside one day each week to spend relaxing and enjoying fun activities with the family.

Resting weekly will improve your health and help you live longer.

Not only that, you’ll be more productive the next day when it’s time to get back to work. And your mind will be sharper for the problem-solving tasks that we as parents of children with autism need to perform all the time.

And who knows…you may even discover a breakthrough idea that will make all the difference for your child.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

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