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Autism news: Your persistence and efforts will pay off
July 06, 2018

I just read an email today from Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and bestselling author. And it was a gem that I want to share with you.

He said,

"Glaciers get a bad rap.

We often talk about how slow they are.

But the speed isn’t the point. The fjord near my house, surrounded by huge cliffs, was formed by a glacier. Not because it was slow, but because it was large, clearly directed and relentless.

Glacial organizations are that rare combination of all three. Hard to stand in their way. They require patience to build, but repay that patience in long-term results.

If someone calls you ‘glacial’, it might be a compliment."

You may or may not be running an "organization," but the glacier concept, I think, can be applied to working with our kids.

Progress may be slow, but if we are consistent and persistent, our kids can, over time, make encouraging gains.

Teaching our children to read, write, do math, use the restroom, dress themselves, tie their shoes, shower themselves, etc., may require a lot of patience, but that patience will be repaid with long-term results.

Til next time,

Kay Donato

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