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Autism news: Help Your Child Understand Basic Math
February 22, 2019

One advantage to having a broken hip is that I have lots of time to sit around and write articles. Which I absolutely love to do, and hopefully that will come in handy for you!

I've just started writing articles on teaching math again because many of our children need help with that subject. I confess I started out writing about basic math a long time ago, but I only covered really elementary things like counting, shapes, and addition.

But I am finding that many people need more than that, so now I'm starting a series on subtraction, after which I plan to move on to multiplication and division.

Now don't worry, I'm still researching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for those of you who need help with OCD issues, anxiety and panic attacks. That will take some time, so in the meantime I'm planning to post some instructions, ideas and tips on teaching basic math.

I just posted the first subtraction article, and the link for that is at the end of this message. In it I give you step by step instructions on exactly how to not only teach your child subtraction equations, but also how to help her understand what they mean.

I hope these instructions will help.

In the next couple of weeks, look for the next article I plan to post outlining tips and ideas on how to most effectively help your child understand subtraction. And I have yet another article in the works that will give you ideas on how to make subtraction fun and interesting for your child.

So if your child needs help with subtraction or you think he ever will, check out the new article on teaching subtraction equations.

And if he or she needs to learn even more basic math, such as number recognition, counting, shapes, and addition, at the end of this message look for the link to the page where you can access all those articles.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

Discover Autism Help, LLC Click here to read our latest article on teaching your child subtraction equations. Click or touch here to gain access to all our previous articles on teaching basic math.

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