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Autism news: Escaping from a hurricane with a child with autism
September 06, 2019

After two days of running from Hurricane Dorian, we are finally back home, thankful that our condo wasn’t damaged.

This wasn’t exactly a vacation for us, but regardless of the purpose, traveling with a child with autism usually involves the same level of preparation each time.

Because my family has a lot of special needs, we have to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

My main tool for preparing to travel? The master list.

This document on my computer lists every item I would need for a trip involving at least one overnight stay. Each time we travel, I add new items to the list since our needs change over time.

Such a list saves me from the frustration of leaving behind much-needed items, especially those we can’t buy at a store at our travel destination.

We often go on “day trips” as well, which don’t involve an overnight stay. These include field trips, beach trips, etc. For day trips, I have a separate, much shorter list.

Speaking of field trips, I hope to soon give you more details about the benefits of such excursions, and how we can use them to enrich our children’s education.

In the meantime, if you also happen to be in the path of Dorian, I hope and pray all goes well for you throughout this ordeal.

Warm Regards,

Kay Donato

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