New! Autism Reading Book: Teach Your Child to Read

Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read

The all new autism reading book is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Are you concerned about how your child will function in life without knowing how to read? Do you wonder how a child with autism could acquire reading skills when hindered by learning difficulties?

In Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read, I show you step by step how to bring your child from not knowing letters to reading stories.

You will learn how to:

  • Motivate your child to learn to read, even if fixated on something else.
  • Teach your child to read words and sentences, even with no current knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Help your child master the ability to “crack the code” of unfamiliar words.
  • Overcome common barriers to learning.
  • Improve their ability to understand the what they read.
  • Turn story time into an effective learning activity.

As a special needs teacher and an autism parent with many years of experience, I show you step by step exactly how to teach your child the essential reading skills needed to function successfully in life.

All You Need for Teaching Your Child to Read

Teaching your child to read doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. All you need is:

  • Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read
  • patience
  • some materials that your child likes (flashcards, blocks, etc.)
  • a few children’s books (In Chapter 7 I tell you where and how to get these on the cheap!)
  • time set aside each day for learning. 

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is follow the steps I have outlined in the book.

No Expensive Program Required

It's been said that most of what you need to learn in life is available in a book somewhere. Teaching our kids to read is no exception.

I'm sure there are some great programs out there for teaching children with autism to read. But there's no need to buy an expensive program. 

Besides this book, all you need are a few inexpensive materials you can buy at a dollar store or online.

You and Your Child Can Do This!

I believe most children with autism can learn to read if given the chance. And I also believe that, if given proper instructions, teaching reading is something that just about any parent can do. 

Buy a copy of Reading Revolution: How to Teach Children with Autism to Read and help your child master essential reading skills.

BONUS: Free word list included with purchase of Reading Revolution. No email address required.

Buy Reading Revolution on Amazon.

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