Autism Learning: Learn How to Teach Your Child Basic Skills

Ideas and Techniques From a Special Education Teacher and Autism Parent

by Kay Donato

You can make autism learning a reachable goal for your child by teaching her basic skills to help her function as independently as possible. I am dedicated to helping fellow parents and teachers on this exciting journey. 

Here you will learn…

I’m here to dispel the myth that our kids can’t learn. I’ve seen amazing progress, even on the more severe end of the spectrum. If kids with great limitations can learn reading, writing, basic math, and daily living skills, then I believe almost any child can.  

If you realize that your child has such potential (and I hope you do), I can help you with learning how to lead her, one step at a time.

Your child achieves her most crucial victories each day when she takes that next tiny step forward. 

I consider each of those small steps to be breakthroughs because they all lead to the goal. Without making such headway, we would never hit the target.

Teach Your Child to Read

My reading professor in college believed that reading was the most important subject of all. He may have been a little biased, but I tend to think he was right. Because when our kids know how to read, that opens the door to learning just about anything else. 

The articles below can help get you started.

Teach Your Child to Write

If you believe your child is ready, you could teach her to write while she learns to read. It could be as simple as having her write the words she is learning to read.

Check out these articles to get started with teaching your child writing skills.

  • Autism Writing Activities

    For many children with autism writing activities can help reinforce what they have learned. The following exercises can help when our kids need extra help.

  • Teach Your Child With Autism Writing Skills

    Teaching your child with autism writing skills can help her communicate with others. Read on to learn ideas for increasing her success in learning this skill.

  • Writing Paper For Improving Skill

    Finding just the right kind of writing paper can go a long way toward helping your child learn to write well. Read on to find out which types we’ve tried with the most success.

Teaching Your Child Basic Math

I believe learning basic math is within the reach of most autistic children. And it really isn't as hard as you might think.

The good news is, teaching basic math to our kids can be quite simple. The below articles can help to get you started.

Techniques for Teaching Children With Autism

How can you help a child with autism to truly learn basic skills such as reading and math? 

The articles below can get you started with learning techniques special education teachers use.

Keeping Our Kids Safe

It's no secret that children with autism are a lot more prone to danger than most typical children. That's why prevention is so very important to their safety.

These articles will give you ideas on how you can prevent tragedy from happening in your family.

Help With Behavior Issues

Behavior problems are a source of stress for both parents and for the children themselves. See the articles below to learn more about how you can cope with and possibly even eliminate behavior challenges.

The Goal of Autism Learning:  Reach Your Child's Highest Potential

While I don't claim to have a cure on this site, the goal is to do everything we can to reach for that level.  Zig Ziglar famously stated, "If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time."

And we must keep reaching for that goal even if what we're trying with our children isn't working. If something isn't effective, we need to try other methods until we find out what does work.

I'm not going to pretend that everything on this site will work for everyone. Such a claim would be unrealistic.

And I'm not saying that all children with autism have the potential to do any specific skill, such as speaking or working a job.

I'm just saying that I firmly believe that all children, regardless of their disabilities, have the potential to improve, and may be able to progress further than we ever thought possible.

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to help.  You can reach me by sending me a message on my contact page.

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