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Personal Stories

What Are Your Greatest Needs?

Teaching Strategies




Forward Chaining

Backward Chaining


Schedules of Reinforcement


Educational Testing



Flash Cards

Reading Stories

Reading Aloud

Story Writing

Mobile Devices

Recommended Books, Part I

Recommended Books, Part II

Finding Children's Books


Writing Exercises

Pencils and Pens That Can Make Writing Fun

Writing Paper


Key Principles for Teaching Math to Your Child

Using Flash Cards to Teach Math

Using the Abacus

Learning Single-Digit Equations

Adding Two Digits to One Digit

Adding Two Digits to Two Digits

Speech Therapy

"Where Do I Start?"

Moving Across Syllables

Teach Your Child to Type to Communicate

Language Cards

Coloring Pages


Occupational Therapy

Where To Start - Occupational Therapy Tips

Sensory Processing Disorder

Personal Information Your Child Must Know

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms

Sensory Difficulties

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms, Part I

OCD Symptoms, Part II

OCD Awareness

Coping With OCD

Avoiding Danger

Preventing Wandering Part I

Preventing Wandering Part II

Autistic Behavior Problems

Physical Causes of Behavior Problems

More Physical Causes of Behavior Problems

Hyperfocus:  How to Cope With Over Obsession and Even Help Your Child Benefit

Over Obsession: What to Do When Our Kids Hyperfocus on an Interest, Part II

Dealing With Panic Attacks:   Six Ways to Reduce and Even Eliminate Them, Part I

Panic Attacks:  Six Ways to Reduce and Even Eliminate Them, Part II

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