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I just came across your website yesterday and it truly relates our journey. Can you please guide me how to expand and develop speech. My gal is 6 year old, she answers in one word be it her wants, or whenever any question is asked. Much appreciate your help!

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Sep 30, 2021
Help with speech
by: Kay

Hi S, First, I must let you know that I'm not a speech therapist, so I can't guarantee my advice, but I can give you some ideas to try. Understand that the ability to express her wants and needs with one word at a time is huge, in my opinion, because it means she has some speech that you can build on. My own son was nonverbal until the age of 12, so I can tell you that your child's current abilities are a wonderful start. One program that really helped my son is called Moving Across Syllables. His speech therapist brought him through this program and it worked very well. He can now say a few words at a time. You can see the article I wrote about this program at I have examined this program and I believe it is something that parents can try with their children - I don't believe you need a speech therapist to help you with it. My son's therapist used to reward him with a colorful metal chip, which he would place on each word he said correctly. Then she would give him a magnetic wand to pick up all those chips. This was very motivating for him, and he loved it. You can read about Chipper Chips at I hope this helps.

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