Recommended Books for
Children With Autism

The recommended books you find here have won their place on this list after years of reading a lot of books with my kids. These are some of the books my kids chose to read the most. 

An explanation for some of them will be helpful, but some require no explanation.  They’re just plain good.  And many have stood the test of time are which of course is the test of a classic.

If you haven't seen the list on the first page of this article, click here if you want to read that one first, and then come back here when you're done.

I’ll start this list with my younger son’s old favorite...

Curious George series

Curious George, by H. A. Rey

This is probably the favorite of a lot of kids.  If you’ve ever read any Curious George stories, think back and see if you don’t think George reminds you of one or more of your own children.  I used to tell C he was just like George.  I think he liked that.

We have two other books that are both collections of Curious George stories.  They are....

A Treasury of Curious George, by Margret and H.A. Rey, and

The New Adventures of Curious George, by Margret and H.A. Rey

Many other Curious George books have been published, as you may know.  We haven’t read them all, but I’m sure they’re all good.

Jack and Janet Reading for Meaning series

These are old readers that are no longer in print.  I’ve found some of these books on Amazon, which is a great place to find out-of-print books.  But since they are out of print, I can’t guarantee you’ll always be able to find them.  I have seen them available from other websites in the past as well.  If you find one, I recommend you grab it immediately.

The one we read was published in 1966 but I also saw one on Amazon with a 1949 date.  My older son really enjoyed the 1966 version when he was very young, and C had a real interest in it for a good while.

Since these books held the interest of both my children for quite a while, I think that in itself gives it a great recommendation, considering it’s a reader.  As you probably know, readers have a reputation for invoking boredom in children.  But Jack and Janet is different from the usual reader, a tried-and-true classic that’s been around for at least 65 years.

Recommended Books by Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of books for children.  If you haven’t read any of her books, you are truly missing something.  It doesn’t matter where you find it, just go get one as soon as possible.  After you read it, you’ll see what I mean.

If you’d like some direction on which one to look for, Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny are her two most famous books.  We have also enjoyed The Quiet Noisy Book.

Click here for a list of recommended books by Margaret Wise Brown.  (Not an affiliate link, just for your info...)

If my kids were still young, I'd be buying more of her books.

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